2017/18 JET Trials


J.E.T at the 2017 IBJJF Pan Pacific Championship

Our Junior Elite Team truly lead by example at this year's (2017) Pan Pacific Championship. The whole team won each of their divisions taking home gold and ultimately lead our Junior competition team to win 1st place overall!


J.E.T International Team for Abu Dhabi World Youth 2017

We are super proud to announce the de Been Jiu Jitsu J.E.T International Team, 2017. Everyone from our JET team did us proud throughout 2016 and we look forward to these members now representing us Internationally.

We have fully sponsored the members of the JET International Team to travel and compete at the 2017 ABU DHABI WORLD YOUTH JIU JITSU CHAMPIONSHIPS .

Our team members are:

Bri Kelly - Torquay, Victoria.

Will McCamley - St Kilda, Victoria.

Brionni Cuskelly - St Kilda, Victoria.

Kyle Mayochi - Cairns, Queensland.

Brodie Mayocchi - Cairns, Queensland.


Our Junior Elite Team in Abu Dhabi did us proud over the weekend (14-17th April 2017). The level of competition was undoubtably World Class with our athletes competing against multiple national champions from around the world.

We had some tremendous results, bringing home 2 Gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. More importantly, we were not only proud of the way they competed on the mat, but the way they conducted themselves off the mat.

When we conceived the idea of the JET, we wanted to inspire the next generation of our juniors to dream big and go to another level. To learn how Jiu Jitsu can help them be Champions in life. We have no doubt, from what we saw on this trip, that this group are well on their way to achieving great things. And life long friendships have definitely been forged in the heat of world class competition!

Well done to Bri, Will, Brionii, Kyle and Brodie. We could not be prouder and look forward to seeing more of our athletes become part of JET in the future.

 International Junior Elite Team and coach Max de Been training in Abu Dhabi with Team Nogueira Dubai.

International Junior Elite Team and coach Max de Been training in Abu Dhabi with Team Nogueira Dubai.

 Whole the gang touching down in Abu Dhabi. April 14 2017

Whole the gang touching down in Abu Dhabi. April 14 2017

Meet the 2016/17 National Junior Elite Team.

Our decision to select the National team was far from easy. Those who have missed out on the 2016/2017 team are very much encouraged to attend the 2017/2018 selection. We were very impressed with every one at the selection and hope that those who missed out this time will not only continue their training but increase their training to place themselves in a great position at the 2017/2018 selection.

After much consideration we have chosen the following juniors of de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu to form the 2016/2017 National JET:

Jordan Chick (Darwin)

James Eydems (Darwin)

Elizabeth Eydems (Darwin)

Harper Migios (Torquay)

Kit Robinson (Torquay)

Bri Kelly (Torquay)

Will McCamley (St Kilda)

Ethan Nguyen (St Kilda)

Liam Nguyen (St Kilda)

Brioni Cuskelly (St Kilda)

Brodie Mayocchi (Cairns)

Kyle Mayocchi (Cairns)


JET members will receive:

* A specially patched JET de Been Jiu Jitsu gi

* An assortment of team apparel

* Flights and accommodation for 2 nights for the national Championships in Melbourne August 2016 (interstate members).

* Flights and accommodation for 2 nights for the Pan Pacs in Melbourne October 2016 (interstate members).



2016/17 JET Trials.

Developing Australia's best Junior talent.

The de Been Jiu Jitsu trademark, “We Lead Others Follow” is not just a catch cry it is the way we are! Established as Australia’s first Jiu Jitsu academy, we have always led by example. Now our ground breaking JET is just another example of us leading from the front.

We are very proud of all of our students Nationwide. So much so, we have established an opportunity for our best and most dedicated juniors to become our future leaders and World champions.




How can I become part of the JET Program?


1. Join a registered de Been Jiu Jitsu Academy.

2. Speak with your Instructor to get all the necessary details.

3. Train hard and become a CHAMPION.